• Liquids and fluids Liquids and fluids

    Electrolyte, Liquids for purification of exhaust gas (AdBlue), Distilled water, For pneumatic fluid (WABCO), Liquid glass washer, Braking fluid, Liquid cooling and related products.

  • Oils and fluids Oils

    Motor oils, Industrial oils, Oils and fluids Gear.

  • Cleaning and polishing Cleaning and polishing

    Washing and cleaners, Means for washing and cleaning of components and assemblies, Washing facilities, Pastes and liquids for polishing.

  • Greases Greases

    Electric grease, Universal Lubricants, Bearing grease, Lubricants for chains and belts, Lubricants for suspension and steering, Lubricant for braking systems.

  • Additives Additives

    Additives in the oil hydraulic and gear, Additives in motor oil.

  • Car care products Car care products

    Lubricants antifreeze, Professional chemicals for car, Liquid for maintenance of air filters, Sealants and adhesives, Flavors, Chemical Products conditioners, Polishing.

  • Automotive Paint Paint

    Automotive Coatings, Car paints and primers, Car putty.

  • Car care Car care

    Tools for car care, Accessories for the restoration of the headlights, Care supplies matte paint.