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Download Bad Link Buster

Bad Link Buster

Download Bad Link Buster and checks your backlink profile for any sites that you would not want a link from. These sites might be an adult, cloaking, foreign, deindexed or serving up malware. Simply load in your backlink profile & Bad Link Buster will start doing all the tough work for ...

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Download WordPhire


Download WordPhire Free and start this awesome experiment in ethical spamming. WordPhire is basically an experiment to see if we can automatically add comments to the WordPress sites that actually add value to the site and will genuinely help out the site owner. How does WordPhire work? WordPhire works by utilizing the ...

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Download TrafficPhire


Download TrafficPhire because it allows you to automate a big part of your outreach. If you desire to promote your site or new content to other business it can be very time utilizing filling out contact forms. TrafficPhire listens for users on a Twitter & fills out their site contact ...

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Download Twitter Bot – Blue Bot

Twitter Bot

Download Twitter Bot – Blue Bot Free and start automating many of your daily twitter account activities for you. It can follow & unfollow people, tweet, retweet, pin and much more activities. Why should I use it Twitter advertising is a phenomenal wellspring of traffic, while every interpersonal organization are ...

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Download DoComment


Download DoComment and Find DoFollow Blog Comments For Free. DoFollow links still exist however nowadays they are rare and most comments are moderated first. What is Do Follow Blog Comments? Alright so everybody knows the more sites/interfaces that are indicating your site, the higher you show up on the Google indexed ...

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Download Link Monitor

Link Monitor

Download Link Monitor Free and start automating the tasks of checking if your backlinks have been changed/deleted or new ones have been placed on specified web pages. How does Link Monitor work? Once your site URL and the URL of pages where your backlinks exist have been added to Link ...

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Download Expired Tumblr Hunter

Expired Tumblr Hunter

Download Expired Tumblr Hunter and with the help of it you can easily find your niche related domains and use them on your website. Make use of the resources others no longer need. When a Tumblr user is inactive Tumblr disables their account. You can then easily reregister the user’s ...

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Broken Link Finder

Broken Link Finder

Download Broken Link Finder and start finding broken backlinks. A broken backlink campaign is one of the awesome whitehat and secure ways of finding great links to push your site up the SE results. Broken backlink finder tool will crawl any specified sites looking for links that are denoting to web ...

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